Retraite Portugal

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Back to your nature

Body Mind and Soul Retreat

Why would you go to a retreat ?

The essence to join to our retreat is to create time and space for yourself, to find out what you truly desire, what feeling it gives you, and to bring yourself to a place where healing is allowed to happen.

During the retreat we will guide you how to listen to your inner self and bring more self-love into your life. We will assist you how set your inner compass for life, to point in the right direction so it is set for happiness, joy and fulfillment.

It is your journey! Life can be challenging and we  are here to guide and assist you in this journey of life.

How does it work?

Only then can you hear your inner voice crystal clear.

We understand that you need time to soften your thoughts and sink into your body, mind and soul and the beautiful surroundings create the perfect atmosphere this.

The retreat will be provided in three steps:

  1. Pre-retreat

  2. 5 day retreat in the beautiful South West Portugal

  3. Post retreat (Feedback and integration)

We can provide coaching on a deeper level after the retreat in a one on one gathering to help you integrate the valuable things you have learned during the retreat.

Our working methods!

  1. Mindfulness

  2. Coaching

  3. Body work

  4. Energetic healing

  5. Create a seed be able to make the changes you desire

  6. Having lots of fun!

Save the dates!

Arrival 16:00 Saturday 12 October 2019.

Departure Thursday 10:00 17 October 2019.

5 nights 4 full days.

Where will you go?

Portugal, Algarve Monte Vehlo

We found a magical place in the mountains in the middle of the Algarve national park with a great sea views at the horizon.

Just take a look at the movie…experience the beauty.

Link video

Google maps link toevoegen.


We will offer the retreat in English and Dutch. Don’t worry we will provide a good balance for everyone.



Accommodation 5 night’s

Fresh wonderful vegetarian food. Breakfast, lunch and Dinner.

Drinks Herbal tea, fresh fruit drinks and coffee.

Meditation lessons


Personal goal plan ( pre retreat)

Hiking walks in silence

A day at the beach at Carrapateira ( insert picture)

1200 euro P.P

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Flight and transfer from the airport

Massage treatment Please book here.

To create full attention for you

We will allow Max. 14 people attending the retreat.

Who will guide the retreat?

Monique Sahiboe and Michel Alexiev

Monique is 42, and is a healer on body, mind and soul

She is an expert on how  pain in the body relates to thoughts and energy fields.

Monique is a mindfulness teacher for retreats with MBSR: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Monique has a successful practice for natural healing based in Amsterdam, she is high sensitive ( what’s high sensitive) and has learned how share her gift to help people successfully.

Through experiencing several trauma’s she has a lot of life experience and learned how to accept and heal herself through her inner strength. As such she know how important it is to share and connect with people.

Michel is 47, and he is a co-creator of dreams. He is a successful mentor who has helped people creating their dreams. Amongst others, Michel is an NLP trainer ( explain) and knows of subtle ways how to go to the core essence of a human being. Michel’s gift is that he knows how to look into the eye of the soul, meaning he can get to the core of you and help you feel it.

When Michel was 22 years young he got hit by a drunk driver and he lost his leg in the process. This did not stop him from living life fully. Through acceptance, forgiveness and pure (life energy) he has turned his life around and simple live life to the max. No excuses, no fear! He has experienced life in shadow an light and know like no other how to recover from mayor setbacks.

\Who are Michel and Monique as a team? To help you guide you to your true nature

We have a perfect harmony of the men and woman’s poles therefore we create a space for everybody’s needs we will carry you with strength and love going to your process.